Chapter 4: The Girl With the Floral Tattoo

Keep your enemies close.”

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Maya’s hands were wrapped. She was in the middle of a fight with a punching bag when Colin interrupted.

“Lydia wants to see you,” she said. “Within the hour.”

Her closed fist struck the bag one final time before she turned to face her partner. Maya had barely broken a sweat and still had a lot to do before she finished her morning set.

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Chapter 3: Flesh and Blood

Welcome back

The beat of her heart vibrated through Lexi’s entire body as she jumped to her feet. It took a moment for the world to come into focus around her. When it did, she looked up at the balcony — Tala wasn’t there.

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Directory, Lexi

I Know Death | A Web Serial

***This series is on an indefinite hiatus while I get my shit together.***

Some fates are worse than death. Lexi’s life is turned upside down when a woman she never met before shows up at her apartment and kills her. But Lexi doesn’t stay dead. Her search for answers uncovers even more questions about her very existence.

Season 1

Warning: This series features violence, adult language

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Chapter 1: Just the First Time She Dies

Jump. Die. Stay. Die.

There are some fates we can’t escape. Lexi knew she was going to die — she was, however, unaware that she was going to die tonight.

Lexi’s summer had come and gone just like any other, the days were shorter now as Autumn came passing through. Soon her surroundings would turn cold and dark. This night seemed rather ordinary, even for how warm Michigan was this time of year.

Lexi had the windows in her apartment open to allow the warm breeze in. She should have noticed the silence. There was no crunching of leaves, no neighbors arguing, no roar of traffic. Nothing.

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